About Us

«Chust Shoes» project was founded in 2014. «Chust Shoes» is the first multi-brand shop of shoes and accessories, where 7 leading brands of an Armenian footwear production are presented:

• Manul
• Simona
• Elma
• Balyan
• Armen Shoes
• Amore
• David’S

«Chust Shoes» project has the purpose:
to restore and present traditions of the Armenian footwear production
to promote consumption of inner and foreign markets
to promote the development of the light industry in Armenia
to present the footwear of the Armenian production not only in our country but also around the

«Chust Shoes» project offers shoes and leather accessories: bags, unique range of belts.
«Chust Shoes» shop-gallery’s customers have the opportunity
• to choose models and proper materials, get advice from designer-masters and after a short time obtain a special, unique, comfortable shoes created specifically for them.
• to learn about the history of footwear industry and become part of the old traditions of the shoe design process, to obtain a unique experience and communicate with the masters
«Chust Shoes» project is designed to express and emphasize the opportunities of the modern interpretations of the Armenian traditional shoes and accessories.